Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Ferrara, formerly a lordship and later a duchy of Romagna in Italy. The House of Bste held it as a Papal fief till 1597. After many changes of fortune and condition, the greater part of it reverted to the Papal throne in 1814, and in 1860 it passed to the King of Italy, and now forms the province of Ferrara. Its capital, of the same name, is a well-built town, enclosed by a wall, 7 miles round, on a fertile plain near the Po, but it has fallen into decay. It is an archbishopric, and the cathedral and churches contain some interesting paintings and sculptures. There are a public gallery of paintings, a school of medicine and of jurisprudence, and a large public library. Here Ariosto was educated, and spent his latter years; and a cell is still shown where Tasso was imprisoned. There are tanneries and silk and glass works.