Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Felony is any capital crime short of treason, and being such as occasioned, at common law, the forfeiture of the felon's lands and goods. The word "felony," in its generic sense, includes even treason, and under particular statutes the offence of treason may be dealt with as a felony. All indictable offences are either felonies or misdemeanours; but a material part of the distinction is taken away by 33 & 34 Vict., c. 23, which abolishes forfeiture for felony, and provides for the administration of the estates of felons while undergoing sentence. The crime of felony may be said to stand half-way between treason and misdemeanour. As to its consequences to the felon, see Attainder, Escheat, Felo de se.