Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Fell, John (1625-1686), was the son of Dr. Samuel Fell, Dean of Christ Church. He was educated at Christ Church, where he graduated in 1640. He at first took service in the Royal garrison, but afterwards was ordained, and was ejected during the Commonwealth, and retired into private life. At the Restoration he was made Dean of Christ Church, and in 1666 he became Vice-Chancellory and his strict discipline gave occasion to the well-known epigram. [Epigram.] He founded the Uni-.i versify Press, and added much to the buildings iri Christ Church. In 1676 he was made Bishop of

Oxford, still, however, retaining the Deanery of Christ Church. He was a man of the old school, and did not approve of the newly-founded Royal Society. He translated Wood's History and Antiquities of Oxford, and was buried in the cathedral.