Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Feili (ie. Rebels), the collective name of the Luri-Kuchak Lurs, that is, of the Lurs of Little Luristetn, province of Khuzistein, West Persia. They form the Pusht-i-Koh division of the Luri family, and, according to Macgregor, their numerous clans fall into seven main groups: Kurd, Mehaki, Shahan, Panj Situn, Donarwand, Lort, and Handemani, and on these are dependent the Bajilan, Beiranwand, and Hulilani, all belonging to the aboriginal Kurdish stock of the West Persian highlands - the Karduchi of Xenophon. But it should be noted that too wide a meaning has been given by Layard, and after him by Macgregor, to the Feili branch, under which they include the Pesh-Koh as well as the Pusht-i-Koh, the former being the collective name of the Lurs proper. [Lurs.]