Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Farini, Carlo Luigi, was born at Russi in the Roman States in 1822, and educated at Bologna for the medical profession, in which he achieved some distinction. A moderate Radical, he was driven into exile in 1842, spending several years in France and England. In 1848 he came back, and was returned as deputy for Faenza, acting first as Minister of Health and afterwards as Minister of the Interior in Piedmont. He vigorously seconded the policy of Cavour, and in 1859, being chosen Dictator at Modena, brought that state and Parma into union with Sardinia. In 1860 Cavour gave him the portfolio of Commerce, and in 1862-63 he was for a short time Premier, resigning through ill-health. He died in 1866. Mr. Gladstone, his personal friend, translated into English his chief work, II State Romano.