Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.

Fabricius Caius Luscinus

Fabricius, Caius Luscinus, one of the types of early Roman statesmanship and morality, rose to the consulship in 282 B.C. Two years later when Pyrrhus was encamped before Tarenturn, he was sent to him as an envoy, and resisted all the corrupt offers of the king, whose esteem he further won by denouncing the proposition of the royal physician to poison his master. He defeated the league of Samnites, Lucani. and Bruttii, that had joined Epirus against Rome. His frugality was so great that at his death he left nothing to pay for his funeral or provide for his daughters, and during his censorship he excluded Rufinus from the senate because he possessed 10 lbs. weight of silver.