Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Euchre (possibly from a Spanish word) is the name of a game of cards played chiefly in America. It is played by two, three, or four people, and the pack consists of 32 cards, those from 2 to 6 inclu- sive being thrown out. The chief cards are the Right Bower (Germ, bauer, peasant), which is the knave of trumps, and the Left Bower, which is the other knave of the same colour, the remaining cards being valued as in whist. A player has the option of playing or passing; if he plays and gets a minority of the tricks (which are five in number), he is euchred, and his opponent scores 2. Generally the gainer of 5 tricks scores 2, of 3 tricks 1. The cards must be dealt 3 and 2. There are modifications of the game, such as French Euchre, in which there are 24 cards, and Railroad Euchre, where there is an extra card.