Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Emetics (Gk. Smeo, I vomit), substances which produce vomiting, employed in medicine to get rid of some irritating or poisonous substance which has been taken into the stomach, and they are sometimes administered in cases of laryngeal obstruction (the act of vomiting promoting the expulsion of material blocking up the air passages). Substances given with the object of putting a stop to excessive vomiting are called antiemetics. One of the simplest methods of producing vomiting is to irritate the fauces with a feather; warm water, mustard and water, brine and alum are reputed to possess emetic properties, but their action is very unreliable. The emetics upon which reliance is generally placed are such drugs as sulphate of zinc, ipecacuanha, antimony and apomorphia. Their action is apt to be attended with alarming symptoms, and they should never be administered save under medical advice.