Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.

Elphinstone Hon Mountstuart

Elphinstone, Hon. Mountstuart (1778-1859), the 4th son of Lord Elphinstone, entered the Bengal Civil Service at eighteen, and was appointed attache to the British resident at the court of the Peishwar. He was then attached to General Wellesley's mission to the Mahratta chiefs, and took part as aide-de-camp in the battle of Assaye. In 1808 he was sent on an important mission to Cabul and Peshawur, which resulted in a satisfactory treaty. In 1819 he was appointed Governor of Bombay, and retained the post for seven years. He advanced the codification of the laws, and opened many schools, and his efforts in this direction were acknowledged by giving his name to a college. In 1841 he published his History of India. He was offered the post of Governor-General of India, but he declined that and other similar offers.