Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Ellwood, Thomas (1639-1713), a Quaker author, born at Thame in Oxfordshire. In 1660 he was led to join the Society of Friends by the preaching of Edward Burroughs. Soon after this he published an Alarm to Priests: a Message from God to Awake Them. His religious views brought him into prison. He became reader for Milton, and having been forced by ill-health to leave London himself, he in 1665 obtained lodgings for Milton at Chalfont in Bucks, and it was here that a remark of his led to Milton's writing Paradise Regained. In 1705 Ellwood issued a Sacred History dealing with the Old Testament, and in 1709 the Sacred History of the New Testament. He also wrote a poem called Davideis, and an autobiography, which is valuable as throwing light upon the condition and habits of the sect at that time.