Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Eleut (Oliut), a large branch of the Eastern Mongolians occupying the Ala-Shan highlands south of the Gobi desert, and stretching westwards from the Ordos region; said to take their name from Eleutai, a prince of the dynasty founded by Jinghiz Khan. Later this term was extended to the western hordes whose domain reaches from the head waters of the Selenga to the Upper Irtish basin. They are divided into four sections: Zungar, Turgut, Khoshod, and Turbot, collectively forming the historical Durban-oirad or "Four Allies." Connected with them are also the Western Mongols, known to the Mohammedans as Kalmucks. The Zungar branch is now extinct, or absorbed in the Eleuts of the Ala-Shan Mountains, many of whom were driven thither from Zungaria in 1686 (Prjevasky, Monyolia, i. p. 231).