Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Ecarte (French ecarter, to discard), a game of cards originating in Paris early in this century, but said to be based on an old French game, called triomphe. It is played by two persons with a pack from which the small cards (the two to the six inclusive of each suit) are taken. The king counts highest, the ace between the knave and the ten. The dealer gives five cards to his adversary and five to himself, turning up the eleventh as trumps, and then, if dissatisfied with his hand, may "propose" to discard (whence the name). Should the proposal be accepted, each player, without showing his cards, discards as many of them as he pleases, drawing an equal number from those yet undealt. The dealer then leads, the adversary follows, and two cards form a trick. The game is five up. The rules as to trumping, following suit, and taking tricks are like those in whist, except as to the values of the king and ace. There are standard rules approved by the Turf Club.