Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.

Schulze Delitzsch

Schulze~Delitzsch, HERMANN (1808-83), economist and politician; was born at Delitzsch in Saxony, and studied law, eventually obtaining some profitable legal appointments. He made various investigations into the science of economics, and, after his election as deputy to the Berlin Assembly, was made president of the commission to inquire into the condition of the working classes. He became, in 1861, deputy for Berlin in the North German Parliament and the Reichstag, and exercised much influence over many of the German workmen. He was a strong opponent of Lassalle's socialistic theories, being a confirmed individualist, and always advocated thrift and cooperation. His most valuable works are his Das Associationsbuch (1862) and Die Arbeitenklassen (1863), but in 1867 he issued a useful work on people's banks.