Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Drome, a department in the S.E. of France, noted till the arrival of the phylloxera for its growth of Hermitage. In the south spurs of the Alps rise to a height of 5,900 feet, and the country is hilly, partly covered by forests and furrowed by torrents. But in the Rhone Valley the land is fertile, and the warm climate produces almonds, olives, oilnuts, and mulberries. Wheat, melons, potatoes, and truffles are also abundant. The Rhone separates Drome from Ardeche on the W., and the Isere and Drome both flow through the department. Coal, cement, and potter's clay are found. The chief productions are silk, woollen, pottery, iron goods, paper, leather, and glass, and there is considerable trade in raw produce. The department contains 2,508 square miles. The capital is Valence.