Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.

Doyle Sir Francis

Doyle, Sir Francis (1810-1888), an English poet, born near Tadcaster and educated at Eton and Christ Church, where he took a first class in classics in 1831. He was called to the bar, but his mind was chiefly given to poetry and horses. He succeeded to the baronetcy in 1839 and held a post in the Customs. Froin 1867-77 he was Professor of Poetry at Oxford, and Fellow of All Souls. In 1841 he published Miscellaneous Verses, and in 1844 Two Destinies. In prose, besides Two Series of Oxford Lectures he published an interesting book, Reminiscences and Opinions, from 1813-85. Some of his best known poems are Return of the Guards, The Birkenhead, The Red Thread of Honour, Gordon.