Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.

Doyle Richard

Doyle, Richard (1826-1883), an eminent caricaturist and illustrator, born in London, and the son of John Doyle, better known as H. B. For some years Richard Doyle contributed to Puneh, for which he designed the cover, but left it in 1850 in consequence of its attitude upon the Catholic question. He illustrated Leigh Hunt's Jar of Honey, Thackeray's Newcomes and Rebecca and Rowena, Ruskin's King of the Golden River, Hughes's Scouring of the White Horse, Pontalba's Fairy Tales, and did the Sketches of Modern Society, which were so conspicuous a feature of the earlier days of the Cornhill Mayazine. He also practised painting in water-colours.