Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Douglass, Frederick (1817-1895) was born a slave in Maryland, his father being a white man. He was reared a slave, and in 1832 was sold to a Baltimore ship-builder. In 1838 he escaped, and having already educated himself, he was chosen to lecture by the Anti-Slavery Society. He lectured in England as well as in America. In 1847 he started a newspaper, and in 1870 the New National Era. In 1871 he was Secretary of the Commission to San Domingo, and in 1872 became a Presidential elector. In 1877 he was made Marshal for the district of Columbia, and afterwards Commissioner for Deeds in the district. His Autobiography was published in 1845, and re-published with some changes and additions in 1855.