Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Dogars, a Jilt people of North-West India, numerous especially in North Rajputeina and the province of Moultan. Small Dogar communities are also met in Hansi, Ferozepore, and along the banks of the Sutlej, where they were the ruling people in the 18th century. The Dogars, though now Mohammedans, claim descent from the renowned Chohan tribe of Rajputs; but they are more probably Aryanised Jats, and are regarded as such by the Rajputs themselves. They are a pastoral people, at all times much dreaded by their neighbours for their predatory habits. Physically they are tall, muscular, with regular features, large aquiline nose, and pleasant appearance, quite distinct from the Dogras of South Kashmir, with whom they are often confounded. (See Elliott, Races of the North-Western Provinces of India, volume i.)