Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Delacroix, Ferdinand Victor Eugene (1799-1863), a French painter of the romantic school, born at Charenton St. Maurice, near Paris. He entered the studio of Pierre Guerin, a follower of David, and here he had Gericault as a fellow pupil, whose influence showed itself in Delacroix's work. In 1822 appeared his Dante and Virgil, which was commended by M. Thiers, and in 1824 his Massacre of Scio. In 1831 his Liberty directing the People at the Barricades attracted much notice. In 1832 he went to Morocco, and the study of light there and of costumes had a great effect upon his subsequent work. He did much lithographic drawing, and his illustrations of Faust were highly approved by Goethe.