Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.

David II

David II. (1324-1371), King of Scotland, son of Robert Bruce. He was born at Dunfermline, and married Joanna, daughter of Edward II. He succeeded to the crown in 1329. From 1334 to 1341 he was in France, owing to the predominance of Baliol and of Edward III. In 1346 he declared war upon England in accordance with a promise which he had made in France, and was taken prisoner in the battle of Neville's Cross, and remained a prisoner till 1357, when he was released upon promising to pay a ransom. Unable to pay this, he was for the rest of his life more or less bound to England, and is even said to have proposed a son of Edward III. as his successor, a measure which did not endear him to his subjects.