Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Dashkoff, Catherine Romanowna, Princess (1744-1810), of the noble Russian family of Woronzoff, was the early friend and confidante of Catherine II. of Russia. Left a widow at 18, she aided Catherine in putting her husband off the throne, levying for this purpose a body of cavalry. She was, however, in favour of a constitutional government rather than a despotism, and as her views were displeasing to the Czarina, she left the court and devoted herself to studies, making especially Greek and Latin her subjects. She also travelled in France, Germany, Italy, and England. In 1782 she became directress of the Russian Academy of Sciences and President of the Russian Academy. In 1796 Catherine died, and her successor, Paul III., dismissed the Princess to her estates in Novgorod. She here gave her time to literature, writing much, among her productions being some comedies; and she had a great share in producing the Russian Academy Bietionary.