Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Darboy, Georges, Archbishop of Paris, was born in 1813 at Fayl-Billot, Haute-Marne. Educated at the seminary of Langres, he was ordained priest in 1836, and made vicar of Saint Dizier, and in 1845 came to Paris, where he was appointed to various ecclesiastical offices. In 1854 the Pope conferred upon him the title of Protonotary Apostolic, and in 1863 he was created Archbishop of Paris, in which position his moderation often brought him into collision with the Ultramontanes, and lost him the favour of the Vatican. Though opposed to the doctrine of the infallibility of the Pope, he accepted the proclamation when issued in all submission. Seized as a hostage by the Communists in 1871, he was carried first to Mazas, and then to La Roquette, in the courtyard of which prison he was brutally shot on the 27th of May.