Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Dana (Dofla, Dufla), an uncivilised people of the Eastern Himalayas, north of Assam, near the north-east frontier of British India, between the Brahmaputra and the Chumlari Hills. The national name is Bangui (Banghin); that is, "Men," and they are related to their western neighbours, the Abors, both being offshoots of the Bod (Tibetan) race. They till a little land round about their scattered settlements, but their chief resource is hunting, especially since their predatory expeditions into the fertile plains of Assam have been suppressed by the Indian Government, which allows a subsidy of £240 to the chief headmen. They practise both polygamy and polyandry, and otherwise live in a very primitive state, with little social organisation - no religion, priests, or even medicine men.