Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Dalzell, Thomas (1599-1685), born at Binns, Linlithgow. In 1650 he was a general of infantry, and being an ardent Royalist he was forced to leave the country during the Commonwealth, and took service with the Russians against the Tartars and Turks. In 1666 he was commander-in-chief in Scotland, and distinguished himself by his cruelty to the Covenanters, introducing methods of dealing which he had learned in foreign service, like Colonel Kirke a few years later.

“It is most profitable, it is blessed, to be always looking beyond second causes in all our trials and distresses, and to discern the Lord's hand, in infinite love and wisdom, appointing all. For this brings the soul into a state of resignation and tranquility at least, if not of holy Joy.”
–Robert Hawker, Poor Man’s Commentary, Psalm 17