Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Dahlmann, Friedrich Christoph (1785-1860), a German politician and historian, born at Weimar. After studying at Copenhagen and at Halle he went in 1810 to the former city, and lectured on Aristophanes. His speciality was history, and in 1813 he was appointed Professor at Kiel. In 1815 he became Secretary of Schleswig-Holstein, and gave offence to the government by upholding the rights of the Germans in Denmark. He left the country in consequence, and in 1829 became Professor at Gottingen, and was a great light of the doctrinaire school of moderate Liberals. In 1837 he resigned and retired first to Leipzig, then to Jena, and in 1842 he became Professor of History at Bonn. In 1848 he again for a time came to the front in politics, but he soon went back to private life. Among his chief works are a History of Denmark, The Sources of German History, a History of the English Revolution, and a History of the French Revolution.