Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Dacier, Andre (1657 or 1651-1722), a French philologist, who, born at Castres, studied at Saumur, and was there the pupil of Tanneguy-Lefevre, with whose daughter Anne he shared the professor's tuition. After the death of Lefevre he returned to Castres, and from there went to Paris, where he prepared an edition of Festus for the celebrated Delphin issue. In 1683 he married Anne Lefevre, whose erudition caused the union to be spoken of as the "wedding of Greek and Latin." In 1685 they both joined the Catholic Church, and in 1695 the husband became a member of the Academy and keeper of the books at the Louvre. In 1713 he was appointed perpetual secretary of the Academy. Among his many works was an edition of Horace, with translation and criticism.