Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Cyclopes. 1. Mythological beings who worked with Vulcan in his AEtnean forges, and who probably were the volcanic agencies of the district personified. They were three in number, and were confined by Kronos beneath the earth. Zeus set them free to battle for him against the Titans, and gave them thunder and lightning. 2. An imaginary race, more in number than those last mentioned, who came from Lycia, and built Mycenae and executed other colossal works, giving rise to the expression Cyclopean walls. 3. The Cyclopes of Homer, who were shepherds, and who were connected with the sea, Polyphemus, the antagonist of Ulysses, being the son of Neptune. A point of resemblance in them all was the one eye in the middle of the forehead.