Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Curlew, any bird of the wading genus Numenius, with sixteen species, some of which are found all over the world. The Common Curlew (N. arquatus) is a native of Britain; the body is about as large as that of a chicken; the legs and bill very long, the latter strongly curved; and the total length of the bird is about twenty-seven inches. The plumage is ash-coloured, spotted with shades of brown. Curlews are shore birds in winter, passing the warmer part of the year on high moorlands. They feed on molluscs, worms, and insects, and are esteemed for the table. The nest is a rude structure of dry leaves, and the eggs, usually four, are olive-green, with dark blotches. The Whimbrel (V. plueopus) closely resembles the common species, but is somewhat smaller.