Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.

Crowther The Right Reverend Samuel Adjai

Crowther, The Right Reverend Samuel Adjai, D.D., Bishop of the Niger Territory, a native of Africa, was born at Ochugu, in the Yoruba country about 1810. In 1821 he was captured by slave dealers, and shipped for a foreign mart, but an English cruiser restored him to liberty, landing him at Sierra Leone. Here he was baptised in 1825, and named after the then Vicar of Christ Church, Newgate Street. After receiving a fair education, he acted for several years as a teacher, and in 1841 joined the first Niger expedition. In 1842 he came to London, was trained at the Missionary College, Islington, and ordained in 1843. For twenty years he laboured assiduously in Africa, taking part in the Niger expedition of 1854, and writing an excellent account of its progress. He also translated the Bible into the Yoruba dialect, and wrote many works for the enlightenment of his heathen compatriots, besides making several interesting contributions to geographical science. In 1864 he was appointed the first Bishop of the Niger Territory, and until his death in December, 1891, discharged the duties of his post in such a way as to merit the highest approbation. He was a vigorous, kind-hearted, intelligent man.