Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.

Cromwell Richard

Cromwell, Richard, the third son of the foregoing, was born at Huntingdon in 1626. Along with his brothers Oliver and Henry, who died early, he was educated at Felsted, and was admitted at Lincoln's Inn in 1647. Soon afterwards he married and settled down at Hursley in easy-going obscurity. He appears to have taken no part in his father's struggles, but on the establishment of the Protectorate he entered Parliament and held several honorary positions. Proclaimed Lord Protector the day after his father's death, he duly opened Parliament in 1659, but had neither the capacity nor the desire to govern. Financial difficulties, both public and private, beset him. The Republicans clamoured for a dissolution, and the Royalists grew stronger day by day. In April Richard dismissed the House, and a few days later the remnants of the Long Parliament came together. To this body Richard resigned, and very soon afterwards left the country to avoid the pressure of creditors and the possible vengeance of the king's followers. He lived for twenty years in Paris or Geneva, and then, returning to England, settled at Cheshunt, where he died in 1712.