Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.

Croll Dr

Croll, Dr., geologist, was born at Little Whitefield, Perthshire, in 1821. He was apprenticed to a millwright, but when twenty-four his health compelled him to leave that employment. When thirty-two he became an insurance-agent, and in 1859 he was appointed keeper of the Andersonian University and Museum at Glasgow. In 1867 he joined the Geological Survey of Scotland, from which he retired in 1881. Dr. Croll is chiefly known by his explanation of the astronomical causes of the Glacial Period (q.v.), which have been very generally accepted and which were expounded in his work Climate and Time (1875). In 1876 he was elected F.R.S., and was made LL.D. of the University of Glasgow. He died in 1890.