Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Creeper, any bird of the family Certhiidae (q.v.), and especially Certhia familiaris, the Common Creeper, widely distributed in Britain and in Europe. This bird, which is resident in the United Kingdom, is about five inches long; the plumage above is of various shades of brown, mixed with white, and the under surface is silvery white with a rufous tinge. It is usually found in woods and plantations or on old and isolated trees by the roadside, in the ascent of which, in its search for insects, it is materially aided by the stiff feathers of the tail. The nest is usually in a crack of a tree, and there are from four to eight eggs, which are white, more or less spotted with reddish-brown. The note is monotonous, and has been syllabled "twee-twee."