Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.

Craig Sir Thomas

Craig, Sir Thomas (1538-1608), a Scottish jurist and poet. He graduated at St. Andrews University in 1555. and then went to Paris to study the civil and canon laws. He returned to Scotland and was called to the bar in 1563. The next year he was appointed Justice-depute, and in 1574 he was Sheriff of Edinburgh. In 1606 he was procurator for the Church. James I. wished to knight him, and though he declined the honour he received the title. His chief work was Jus Feudale, a treatise on feudal law. He was much interested in furthering the union of England and Scotland, though strong in asserting the feudal independence of the latter country. His first poem (1565) was in honour of the marriage of Queen Mary to Darnley.