Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Corssen, Wilhelm Paul (1820-1875), a German philologist, born at Bremen, and educated at Berlin University, where he came under the influence of Boekch and Lachmann. He obtained a prize for his Origines Poesis Romanae. He then went to Stettin and taught in the gymnasium, whence he was summoned to Pforta, where he remained for twenty years. In 1854 he gained a prize for a treatise on Latin Pronunciation and Accent. He studied the old Italian dialects, and from 1863-66 wrote some critical works. In 1870 he visited Italy to study the Etruscan remains, and tried to prove that the Etruscans and Romans were cognate races. On the Etruscan language he is probably the leading authority.