Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Cordoba. 1. A town in the Argentine Republic, capital of the province of Cordoba, which contains 55,000 square miles, chiefly pampas, where cattle are largely reared, the chief exports being hides and wool. The town is on the river Primero, 246 miles from Rosario, and consists for the most part of straight streets at right angles, with brick sidewalks. There is a fine cathedral of St. Peter, a good city hall, and a university. Formerly it was a great centre of Jesuit learning and education. The town is developing rapidly, and has tramways and railways. 2. A Mexican town in the province of Vera Cruz, from which it is distant about 60 miles seouth-west. It is surrounded by coffee plantations, and its chief trade is in coffee, cotton, sugar, and tobacco. There are many remains of the ancient Mexican civilisation in the neighbourhood.