Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Consort, the husband or wife of the reigning sovereign. In the case of a Queen Consort she is a public person, exempt and distinct from the King, and not, like other married women, so closely connected as to have lost all legal or separate existence during the existence of the marriage, for the Queen Consort is (and always has been) of ability to purchase lands and to convey them, to make leases, to grant copyholds, and do other acts of ownership (without the concurrence of her lord), which no other married woman can (or until very recently could) do, a privilege as old as the Saxon era. A Queen Consort has also many exemptions and minute prerogatives. She pays no toll, nor is she liable to amercement in any court. The husband of a queen regnant is her subject, as Prince George of Denmark was to Queen Anne, and as Prince Albert (under the title of Prince Consort conferred upon him by Act of Parliament in 1857) was to Queen Victoria.