Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Conger, a genus of marine eels, with four species widely distributed. The body is scaleless, the gape wide, the eyes large, the teeth in rows, one of which is so closely set as to form a cutting edge; the gill openings are large, and the pectoral and vertical fins well developed. C. vulgaris, the Conger, or Conger-eel, plentiful round the British coast, is the best known species, and is nearly universally distributed. The length may range from 3 ft. to 8 ft.; the general hue is pale brown above, dull white below, but the upper surface may be darker or lighter according as the fish lies among rocky or sandy surroundings. The flesh is coarse and little esteemed, but when dried and grated it makes excellent soup, and some of that sold as "real turtle" is said to be prepared therefrom.