Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Concepcion. 1. A seaport of Chili, and capital of a province of the same name, is situated near the mouth of the Biobio river. It is a well-built town with a cathedral, and its port Talcahuano, 7-1/2 miles away on Concepcion Bay, is one of the safest and most commodious in Chili. The province of Concepcion covers an area of 3,535 square miles, and has fertile plains and rich coal mines. 2. The name given to two towns in Bolivia, one in the department of Tarija, in a wine-producing district, the other in the department of Santa Cruz, where there are mines; also to a town in Mexico, and another in San Domingo. 3. A town of Paraguay, and capital of the district of the same name, is situated on the Paraguay river.