Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.

Compounding Felony

Compounding Felony or Theft. Where any one has been robbed and he knows the felon, and receives back from him his goods that were stolen, or some other amends, upon agreement not to prosecute, this is a misdemeanor. Under a statute of the present reign, known as the "Larceny Act" (24 and 25 Victoria, c. 96), whosoever shall publicly advertise a reward for the return of any property whatsoever which shall have been lost or stolen, suggesting that no questions will be asked, or offering to repay to any pawnbroker or other person the amount advanced on the security of the property, forfeits the sum of £50 for every such offence, to be recovered by any informant thereof. And the printer and publisher are also liable, but in their case the action is to be commenced within six months, and only after obtaining the sanction of the Attorney or Solicitor-General to the institution of the prosecution.