Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Collusion (from the Latin collusis, from colludo, to play together, to unite in the same play or game for the purposes of fraud or deception) is a deceitful compact between two or more persons to do or omit some act for the purpose of prejudicing the interest of some other person or persons, or for some improper purpose. In judicial proceedings it is a secret agreement between two persons that the one shall commence an action against the other, in order to obtain the decision of a judicial tribunal for some sinister purpose, and it is of two kinds: - (1) When the facts brought forward to warrant the sentence of the Court do not exist. (2) When they exist, but have been corruptly preconcerted for the express object of obtaining the decision. In either case the judgment thereby obtained is a nullity. Collusion between the petitioner and either of the respondents in presenting or prosecuting a suit for dissolution of marriage is a bar to such suit. So in bankruptcy, dispositions of a collusive character are void as against the trustee.