Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.

Civil List

Civil List, an annual sum granted by Parliament at the commencement of each reign for the expense of the Royal Household and Establishment, as distinguished from the general exigencies of the State, it being the provision made for the Crown out of the taxes in lieu of the Crown's proper patrimony, and in consideration of the assignment of that patrimony to the public use. This arrangement has obtained from the time of the Revolution downwards, though the amount fixed for the Civil List has been subject in different reigns to great variation. At the commencement of the present reign, by the "Civil List Act" a Civil List was settled on Her Majesty for life to the amount of £385,000 per annum, payable quarterly out of the Consolidated Fund. Of this, the sum of £60,000 is assigned for Her Majesty's private purse, the remainder being applicable to the salaries and expenses of her household. By the above-named "Civil List Act" the Queen is also empowered to grant pensions to the amount of £1,200 per annum, chargeable on her Civil List revenues, as a provision for those who have just claims on the Royal beneficence, or by their services or discoveries have merited the gratitude of their country.