Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Cigarette, a diminutive of cigar, is the name given to a kind of cigar made by packing, somewhat loosely, tobacco cut to a considerable degree of fineness in an open-ended tube of tobacco husk. or more generally of paper. Till comparatively lately the practice of cigarette-smoking was hardly known in England. Now, however, it is well established among us, and the consumption daily assumes an enormous increase in spite of the many attacks made upon the practice, sometimes on the score of effeminacy, and sometimes on account of its alleged unwholesomeness. Much of its popularity, no doubt, is owing to the favour it finds among women, who not only encourage its use in their presence, but often find in it a mode of themselves enjoying tobacco without, incurring the odium which would attach to using a pipe or cigar.