Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Chukchi (Tuski), a north-east Siberian people between the Anadyr river and the Frozen Ocean, and reaching from the Kolyma east to Behring Strait, probably of Koriak stock and speech; tall, lean, with coppery complexion, and very brachycephalic (round) skull, in this respect differing altogether from the Eskimo with whom they have sometimes been grouped. The Chukchi vocabulary of 1,000 words collected by Nordenskjold shows that it is quite distinct from Eskimo. Two divisions: the Coast or fishing Chukchi, and the Reindeer Chukchi more inland. Chukchi is stated to be the Russian form of the national name Chauktu, meaning "men;" but Hooper gives the true form as Tuski, meaning "brothers" or "confederates" (Ten Months among the Tents of the Tuski).