Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Chubb, Thomas (1679-1746), an English Deistical writer, born near Salisbury. Being left in poverty by the death of his father he was apprenticed to a glover, and then was employed by a tallow-chandler, and for many years his living was derived from these sources. His first work, The Supremacy of the Father Asserted, was published in 1715, and in 1730 many of his tracts were collected and published. Sir Joseph Jekyll, Master of the Rolls, took an interest in him and received him as a resident in his house for several years, though in what capacity is not clear. In later times he went back to Salisbury, where he pursued his favourite studies. His chief works are A Discourse Concerning Reason (1731), The True Gospel of Jesus Christ (1739), and two volumes of Posthumous Works (1748).