Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.

Christianor Christiern

Christian, or Christiern, the name of nine kings of Denmark, including the reigning sovereign. The more important of these are -

Christian II., who was born in 1481, came to the throne in 1513, and married Isabella, sister of the Emperor Charles V. He conquered Sweden in 1520, and by his cruelty to the leading inhabitants earned the sobriquet of "The Nero of the North." In 1522 Gustavus Vasa liberated his country, and thereupon the Danes deposed their monarch, who, after a vain attempt to recover his kingdom in 1531, was seized, and kept in prison until his death in 1559.

Christian IV., born in 1577, succeeded his father, Frederick II., in 1588, and married Anne Catherine of Brandenburg. He engaged in a war with Sweden, which terminated in a peace in 1613. His military abilities led to his being put in command of the army of the Protestant League in the war against Austria (1625). Tilly defeated him at Lutter, and compelled him to accept humiliating terms. From 1641 to 1645 he was involved in another ineffectual struggle with Sweden. His admirable qualities made him very popular with his subjects, and several towns were named after him He died in 1648.