Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Christadelphians (brothers of Christ, or in Christ), an American sect which arose during the Civil war in America, and is said to have had its origin in the desire of some to avoid military service. The founder was Dr. John Thomas, of Brooklyn, from whom the sect is also called "Thomasites." It claims to reproduce the feelings of Apostolic times, and among its peculiar tenets are the absence of a personal devil, plenary inspiration of the Scriptures, the belief in the coming physical reign of Christ upon the earth, and a conditional immortality, i.e. that for most death is a final unconsciousness, while others will rise again to be rewarded or to relapse into annihilation. The sect exists also in Great Britain, having its organ, The Christadelphian, at Birmingham. The doctrine is to be found in the Elpis Israel, and Eureka of Dr. Thomas, and in Christendom Astray of R. Roberts.