Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Chontals, the aborigines of the extensive Chontales department, Nicaragua, commonly known by the name of Popoluca, which in Aztec means "foreigner" or "barbarian." They are everywhere retreating before the white and half-caste settlers to the recesses of the forest. But they have left evidence of their former presence in the numerous ruins, and especially burial places, met in all parts of the province. The graves, which appear to have been disposed in circles round about the old villages, are of all sizes; some about 20 ft. long by 12 ft. broad. In one was found a pillar 7 ft. high, with a millstone such as those still in use, a knife 10 in. long, a puma's head of natural size, and other objects all carved in stone, besides a quantity of potsherds. A great number of gold ornaments have also been found, as well as stone idols of great size, but no temples or other stone structures.