Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Chlamydophorus, a genus of Edentate Mammals, with two species, closely allied to the Armadillo (q.v.). C. truncatus, the Pichiciago, from La Plata, is about six inches long, and mole-like in habit. The armour, which is only attached to the back immediately over the spine, consists of twenty-four leathery bands, composed of geometrical plates or scales, and the lower edges are fringed with silky hair. The eyes, ears, and mouth are small, and the latter is furnished with eight molars on each side, above and below. In C. retusa, a somewhat larger form from Bolivia, the armour is adherent over the whole of the back. In both the hind parts are protected by armour, and the under surface is covered with long hair.