Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Cheyennes, a predatory North American tribe belonging to the Algonquin family, whose original camping grounds lay between Lake Superior and the Upper Missouri, on the Upper Red River of the North, which flows to Lake Winnipeg. Driven thence by the Dacotahs during the eighteenth century, they withdrew west of the Missouri to the Black Hills about the sources of the river from them named the Cheyenne. This word is a corruption of the French chiens ("dogs"), a term usually applied to them by the Canadian squatters. Later, they extended their excursions as far as New Mexico, and still lived on the banks of the Platte and Upper Arkansas rivers so late as 1850. At that time they numbered 3,000, but have since been much reduced by their wars with the hostile Blackfeet and Pawnee nations.