Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Chechenz, one of the chief divisions of the Daghestani aborigines, East Caucasus, along the right bank of the Terek, thence south to Vladikavkaz, and nearly to Mount Kazbek; Chechenz is the Russian, Kist the Georgian, and Nakhtchuoi the national name. Chief branches: Ingush, Karabulak, Chechenz proper, and Tush; speech extremely rude, and quite distinct from Lesghian and all other Daghestan idioms; square figures, aquiline nose, swarthy complexion, scanty black beard. The Chechenzes offered a most determined resistance to the Russians, and were not finally reduced till the death of their famous leader, Shamyl (Samuel), in 1859. Like the Circassians, most of them had then to abandon their highland homes, or else to migrate to Turkish Armenia, where fresh disasters overtook them. Nearly all are Mohammedans of the Sunni sect.